NEON Field Sites

A continental, thematic sampling strategy

NEON collects a standardized, integrated set of atmospheric, soil, organismal and aquatic data at each field site.
Twenty terrestrial wildland core sites statistically represent unmanaged wildland conditions across the U.S. for NEON's 30-year lifetime.
NEON moves an additional 40 relocatable terrestrial sites every five to seven years to locations where they may best capture specific ecological phenomena such as land use change and regional nitrogen deposition.
Thirty-six aquatic sites collect representative aquatic data. Many aquatic sites are located near core and relocatable terrestrial sites.
Stream Experimental Observatory Network (STREON) sites are co-located with aquatic sites. Use the Search box to locate STREON sites on the map.
Each domain represents distinct landforms, vegetation, climate and ecosystem dynamics. However, the actual domain boundaries were determined so that a single domain management office can be located within a day's drive of a core site and two relocatable sites.

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